Way of the North

This February we are heading out with our dog team on an epic 120-day expedition sledding all the way around Baffin Island, the world’s 5th biggest island.

  • 4 Months
  • 4000 Kilometers
  • 14 Dogs
  • 29.8 KG of chocolate

The Expedition

In 1990 Sarah’s parents, Paul Landry & Matty McNair, along with their friends, Jeff and Rosemary Murray, set off on an epic dog sledding adventure; a four month-long journey around Baffin Island.

No one since then has followed in their footsteps. So, exactly 25 years later, this February, we are closing down our computers, packing 120 days of food and toilet paper, and heading out with our 14 dogs to retrace the route of their adventure.

Want to check out what is happening with our expedition? Look for frequent updates via Instagram and new articles on Facebook throughout the journey. We are also partnering with Gramwire  to bring live geospatial tracking and immersive media of our progress over next 4 months.  Find out where we are at and drop us a line.


Baffin Island

Baffin Island – it’s home to polar bears, deep fjords, remote and welcoming Inuit hamlets and the world’s highest uninterrupted cliff face, Mt. Thor. Climbers and base jumpers long to go there. Inuit have made it their home for centuries. A land of untouched landscapes, glaciers, tundra and Arctic Ocean, this island will provide the breathtaking backdrop for our next great adventure.

Find out our current location on Gramwire.

The Dogs

The dogs are the real champions of this expedition. Each has its own character, strengths and weaknesses, but they all have three things in common: they are friendly, happy and they love to run.

Canadian Inuit Dogs are the toughest dogs around, bred for cold, harsh arctic conditions. The Inuit used their dog teams to hunt and travel; their survival was hugely dependent on these canines.

We couldn’t imagine doing this expedition without our furry friends, even if they occasionally try to piss on our legs and chew up our gear!

Sarah McNair-Landry

Sarah grew up with the Arctic Ocean and a team of dogs in her backyard. No stranger to the cold, she is the youngest person to travel to both the North and South Pole, traverse the Greenland Ice Cap five times, venture into the Gobi Desert, guide an expedition to both the South and North Pole, and more recently kite ski 3,300 km retracing the Northwest Passage. In 2007 along with her older brother and teammate Eric, she was nominated for National Geographic’s prestigious “Adventurer of the Year” award and named one of the “Top Ten Women in Adventure” by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. When she is not in the cold, she spends her time working in film. She has directed several documentaries and is a published photographer.

Erik Boomer

Erik is a pro kayaker, pro photographer, and a featured athlete in numerous adventure films. His confident approach to challenges on and off the river has earned him the title “the honey badger of kayaking”. With many first descents of rivers and waterfalls to his name, Boomer specializes in kayaking some of the world’s toughest rivers. In 2011, Boomer and John Turk became the first to circumnavigate Ellesmere Island on a 100-day ski and sea kayak expedition, which earned him a nomination for National Geographic’s “Adventurer of the Year” award. Recently, he was featured as an athlete on the BBC’s “Top Gear”. Boomer is not only an adventure photographer, but also works as a commercial and editorial photographer. His work has appeared in, amongst others: Outside magazine, The New York Times, and was a finalist in the Red Bull Illume competition. 

The goal is simple: to circumnavigate Baffin Island by dogsled and celebrate northern tradition.

- Sarah McNair-Landry and Erik Boomer -

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